dinsdag 27 december 2011

Urban Sketchers Symposium 2011 Lisbon

Workshop: cityscapes


From my hotelwindow I saw this man sleeping on the doorstep


Liz's famous BB

Our last meal in Lisbon, grilled sardines, mmmmmm......

maandag 26 december 2011

Sketching vacations with the academy: France, Chamberet 2011

Our house at Chamberet.
Every summer we go on holiday for a week, with the art-academy students to sketch

Chamberet during flee-market

Chamberet during flee-market


During the evening we are deciding what we are going to do the next day...
"A garden where you can buy seral seeds..."
"There's enough seed waiting for me at home!!!"

The house we stayed wasn't quite finished... the kitchen was also the bathroom with a futuristic showercabin...






 Collonge La Rouge

Collonge La Rouge

 Ruine of a church on the Mont Gargan


zaterdag 24 december 2011

Sketching people: the old people's home in Tremelo, Belgum

my friend Chris and I went sketching in the old people home (during 2 hours), we sketched and had a talk with the residents. It's interesting to hear the story of their lives!

Urban sketching in Belgium: Louvain

We went out sketching in our university city of Louvain. Again, it was very cold to sit still and sketch :), but we did our best!

Urban sketching in Belgium: the chapel of Imde

We went sketching the chapel of Imde... it was very cold and we enjoyed the homemade soup of Jan very much!! (That's Jan, waving his arms!! :-) )

urban sketching in Belgium / Ghent

One sunny day in our lovely Belgian Town of Ghent! The Korenmarkt!

Urban sketching in Belgium: Brussels

At the southmarket of Brussels we went into a great café 'La Ruche', run by a very friendely Maroccan owner! We had a delicious soup and drank minth tea!
Tried to get the atmosphere of the Brussels south market with its kasbah feel,  I sketched people... once at home I put them together in one image, and simply coloured with ecoline (still searching how to work with them)...

urban sketching in Belgium: Antwerp

On my way to the central station of Antwerp I sketched this passenger on the train...

The Central Station of Antwerp. The Antwerp Central Station is one of the world's most impressive railway stations. Dubbed the 'Railway Cathedral', it is one of the main landmarks in Antwerp.