woensdag 23 mei 2012

Sketchcrawl in Blankenberge, at the Belgian coast

Last week I took the train to the belgian coast, this sketch is made during the first 10 minute train ride to Louvain

This was an old couple in red on the train to Blankenberge

Herman Dewit invited us for a sketchcrawl in Blankenberge, at the Belgian coast. There were de harbourfeasts.
He's a gifted watercolourartist.

With a bunch of friends they started a big project and made this replica of an old fishingboat, the 'scute' The idea started in the garden of Herman.

the lighthouse and harbour of Blankenberge

The beginning of a new project, restoring an old rescueboat.

Blankenberge has some beautiful art nouveau houses

woensdag 16 mei 2012

Urban skething in Thorn, The Netherlands

Kunstroute 2012 in Tremelo

The last weekend of April and the frist weekend of May, we organised a 'kunstroute' in Tremelo (an art-walk?) We didn't have the best of weather but luckely it didn't rain. Lot's of people visited us and they were very pleased with what they saw. We had a corner with sketchbooks of two art-academies and we had our Urban Sketchers-Belgium corner.

The second saturday it was very cold, so I had the time to sketch...

Our urban sketchers corner...

Gérard Michel and Fabien Denoel came over from Liège.

Outside in the garden you could see the wooden art work of Koen Wisse and we had a café with home made pancakes and pastry.

Thanks to all USK-members that participated: Miriam, Gérard, Fabien, Cato, Geert, Rita, Pascal, Jan...