zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Essaouira Morocco

In august we went to Essaouira (Morocco) as students of the academy. We were 12 in total.
Essaouira is like the cave of Ali Baba for sketchers! There's no traffic, there's a harbour, souks, bazars and beautiful people... and good food!
This is a sketch made in our hotel 'Les matins bleus', a beautiful riad...

A corner of the harbour of Essaouira
On the old walls of Essaouira...

At the foot of the walls an old man made colourful hats 

Two boys joined us and we gave them a paper and pencil and started sketching with us!!

I loved the mornings. Before breakfast I went out alone to sketch... Sketching is an ideal way to make contact and have a little talk with locals. They didn't mind being sketched. They recognized people I sketched and wrote down their name in arabic...

The mornings are quiet, shops still closed, tourists still in their hotels...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een belevenis, Corinne ! Zalige aquarels !
    @Raar dat ik het logje nu pas zie...

  2. Hey Lies, nee hoor, dat is niet raar. Ik teken wel verder maar ik kwam er niet toe om mijn blog aan te vullen... gisteren heb ik er pas Essaouira opgezet!! Hoe gaat het met je?